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Jammer is all about the 'wow'. It features a real mash up of design elements and colours. Geometric, asymmetric bars using a blend of pink, orange, green, blue and grey just shouldn't work... but it does. And how! Framed by a luxurious, jet black base colour, Jammer oozes confident quirky class.

KOMRAID bib shorts are designed for the ultimate balance of comfort and performance.

We know that – perhaps more than any other item – bib shorts are a deeply personal piece of kit that can make or break a ride. They are the most important contact point with your bike. Any poor fit, chafing or rubbing will cause distress and irritation. They've got to look great and feel amazing, even after 5 hours in the mountains.

We tried dozens of different shorts and isolated the critical elements that go into a great pair. Through hundreds of hours of testing by us in training for sportive and IRONMAN events we have established a design that we’re happy to make available to you.

Using a nine-panel construction with flat lock stitching, together with a medium-density, anatomically-shaped endurance pad, KOMRAID bib shorts offer ultimate comfort.

We've used three different fabrics that quickly wick sweat away from the skin. In addition, the bib element utilises an open-mesh fabric to encourage ventilation.

The shorts are finished with wide, laser-cut, silicone-impregnated grippers that prevent the shorts riding up uncomfortably at the crotch and reduce pressure on the legs. This improves circulation, lessens fatigue and provides a great aero profile.


Pad Technology:
We know that one of the most important considerations when choosing a pair of bib shorts is the pad. It's the key contact point between rider and bike and can be the difference between finishing your ride and not. Whilst developing our shorts, we tested a lot of different pads and eventually opted for a medium-density, anatomically-shaped endurance pad that offered the perfect balance of performance and comfort. The pad used in our women's bid shorts is the same as that used in our men's shorts. However, it is a different shape because women's seat bones tend to be wider apart.

Pad Technology

Three different thicknesses of padding are used in our shorts. We have positioned thicker padding at the critical contact point between the seat bones and the saddle, while moving padding away from the sides and the front of the pad. This reduces heat build-up in those areas. For additional comfort, we have placed contour grooves around the edge of the pad to allow it to conform to the shape of your body without creasing.

Pad Technology

We have also inserted a pressure relief channel on the reverse side of our pad. This aids blood flow, reduces numbness and the associated discomfort.


Additional Features:

  • Nine individual panels are used to create a supportive fit without restricting rider movement.
  • Three different fabrics quickly wick sweat away from the skin.
  • Open-mesh fabric is utilised for the bib element to improve ventilation. This is deliberately kept black as white bibs can turn grey through time and multiple washes.
  • A stretch material is used to trim the bib straps, ensuring that they don't cut into your shoulders.
  • Wide, laser-cut, silicone-impregnated grippers reduce pressure on the legs – improving circulation and lessening fatigue.
  • Selected seams are flat lock-stitched to avoid any uncomfortable chafing.
  • Seams have been moved away from contact points for added comfort.
  • Designs are printed using the latest sublimation process, so colours will not run and are resistant to fading.


We know that judging the sizing of cycling clothing can be tricky. The key measurements of each size are given in the table below. We suggest you compare these measurements against clothing you already have to help you choose the right size for you.

IMPORTANT: Our clothing is ‘race fit’ and is designed to be worn skin tight for maximum aero benefit. If you are at the top end of a size range and/or want a more relaxed fit, we would advise that you go to the next size up.

For reference, the cyclist pictured is 170cm (5'6") tall and weighs 9 stone 7 pounds (60kg). She has a 72cm (28 inch) waist, 83cm (33 inch) hips and 87cm (34 inch) bust and usually wears a UK 10 dress size. She is wearing medium shorts.



A. Waist (cm)

62-66 66-72 72-78 78-84

B. Inseam (cm)

22 22 23 23


In developing our line of performance cycling wear, we have subjected each item of clothing to thousands of hours of testing, by riders ranging from weekend warriors to IRONMAN distance triathletes.

There is a commonly-held belief in cycling that cyclists and triathletes are like oil and water – they should never mix. We happen to disagree. An IRONMAN distance triathlon is just about the toughest single day test of endurance you can do.

With never quite enough time between training sessions, you’re always on the verge of being over-trained. This constant state of fatigue makes you irritable. Any slight discomfort is magnified and becomes an excuse not to train. Developing saddle sores is your worst nightmare. They take much longer to heal as you can't afford to take a few days off to recover.

It turns out that IRONMAN training was the perfect opportunity to test both the performance and comfort our clothing.

Over the past 12 months of testing, we have wrecked a lot clothing. We’ve listened to rider feedback and have gone back to the drawing board on more than one occasion, we've added features and developed our designs. In doing so, we have created a line of cycling wear that that brings together absolutely optimal function, comfort and performance.


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