Splinter 'Mörk' Winter Jacket

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IMPORTANT: Our clothing is ‘race fit’ and is designed to be worn skin tight for maximum aero benefit. If you are at the top end of a size range and/or want a more relaxed fit, we would advise that you go to the next size up.

Splinter 'Mörk' Winter Jacket
Stylish, cold weather performance cycling kit is historically a bit of a contradiction in terms. The requirement to insulate contests with the need to be aero. You want to be visible but light colours are a nightmare for road spray, right? But who wants to ride around in boring, baggy black kit with a token reflective pocket?

Building on the success of our trio of existing Splinter designs, our Splinter Mörk design uses a combination of 4 different greys in the iconic 'M-90' or Swedish camouflage pattern, but we've inserted a few of our fluro accents on the front, back and arms to really make you stand out on the road in gloomy conditions. We've also added a reflective tab on the rear, in case your winter ride ends up a bit longer than you planned.

This jacket uses a range of premium Italian fabrics to balance warmth, flexibility and breathability. It clings snugly using a flexible, Roubaix lining on all areas whilst the addition of a windproof membrane on the front and arms provide protection from wind and some resistance to rain and road splash.

The sleeves are finished with a soft feel elasticated cuff to keep wind out, even when stretched out on the aero bars. A slightly lighter weight, high stretch fabric on the inside of the sleeves, plus a mid stretch fabric on the back panel and pockets means that this jacket offers an aero, race-fit without making you feel like you're wearing a straitjacket at 35kph!

It's taken us a long time to develop this jacket and with good reason - it's difficult to get it right! If you're riding in single figure temperatures, the Splinter Mörk jacket will make you stand out from the crowd and keep you warm, comfortable and fast.



  • Our winter jackets are constructed from premium Italian fabrics that give the perfect combination of warmth and breathability.
  • A performance focused cut offering aero benefits without restricting movement.
  • The front panel and outer sleeves feature a windproof fabric that protect against the biting winter breeze.
  • Sleeves finished with soft feel elasticated cuffs to keep wind out.
  • Three rear pockets large enough to stow all of your ride essentials.
  • Reflective elements for added visibility.
  • Designs are printed using the latest sublimation process – for colours that will not run, are resistant to fading and will stand up to the harshest of winter conditions. 
  • Whether you're on the drops, sprinting for the line or climbing on the hoods, silicone grippers ensure our jackets stay where they're supposed to.


We know that judging the sizing of cycling clothing can be tricky. The key measurements of each size are given in the table below. We suggest you compare these measurements against clothing you already have to help you choose the right size for you.

IMPORTANT: Our clothing is ‘race fit’ and is designed to be worn skin tight for maximum aero benefit. If you are at the top end of a size range and/or want a more relaxed fit, we would advise that you go to the next size up.



A. Chest (cm)

88-94 94-100 100-106 106-112 112-118

B. Waist (cm)

74-80 80-86 86-94 94-104 104-112

C. Zip (cm)

56 58 60 62 64


In developing our line of performance cycling wear, we have subjected each item of clothing to thousands of hours of testing, by riders ranging from weekend warriors to IRONMAN distance triathletes.

There is a commonly-held belief in cycling that cyclists and triathletes are like oil and water – they should never mix. We happen to disagree. An IRONMAN distance triathlon is just about the toughest single day test of endurance you can do.

With never quite enough time between training sessions, you’re always on the verge of being over-trained. This constant state of fatigue makes you irritable. Any slight discomfort is magnified and becomes an excuse not to train. Developing saddle sores is your worst nightmare. They take much longer to heal as you can't afford to take a few days off to recover.

It turns out that IRONMAN training was the perfect opportunity to test both the performance and comfort our clothing.

Over the past 12 months of testing, we have wrecked a lot clothing. We’ve listened to rider feedback and have gone back to the drawing board on more than one occasion, we've added features and developed our designs. In doing so, we have created a line of cycling wear that that brings together absolutely optimal function, comfort and performance.


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