X-1 Leg Warmers Black

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X-1 Leg Warmers Black

We've had issues in the past with leg warmers from other brands either riding up or falling down and bagging or being poorly cut and pinching behind the knee. Not what you want when you're already fighting the conditions and the long winter miles. The construction our legs warmers is designed to avoid the above issues.

Using a premium Italian Roubaix fabric, these legs warmers sport reflective elements on the front and back to will keep you riding safely right through the colder months.

We recognise that cyclists legs work differently to 'standing around' legs. Our leg warmers feature an anatomical cut, optimised for 70-140 degree knee extension. We also used a strategically placed silicone gripper on the outside of the upper leg band. This is designed to grip the silicone band on the inside of the shorts leg, which prevents the leg warmer slipping down.

Finally, we have used a shorter upper leg so the gripper sits on the mid-thigh. This prevents that uncomfortable, pinched sausage feeling associated with leg warmers that have grippers that fit higher up the thigh.

We know that judging the sizing of cycling clothing can be tricky. The key measurements of each size are given in the table below. We suggest you compare these measurements against clothing you already have to help you choose the right size for you.

IMPORTANT: Our clothing is ‘race fit’ and is designed to be worn skin tight for maximum aero benefit. If you are at the top end of a size range and/or want a more relaxed fit, we would advise that you go to the next size up.





A. Thigh (cm)




B. Calf (cm)