X-1 Aero Bib Shorts

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X-1 Aero Bib Shorts

There's nothing quite as classy as a good pair of plain black bib shorts.

Our aero shorts are engineered specifically with all day speed in mind and without compromising comfort.

Over the past year, we have spent many hundreds of hours developing, testing and evolving our aero bib shorts. We’ve tested them in a wider range of temperatures, both on and off road, as well as endless hours on the turbo trainer during our winter training programme.

We have also put them to the ultimate test in using them for the infamous Mallorca 312 Gran Fondo – over 12 hours in the saddle covering 192 miles with over 16,000ft of climbing.

Designed to be paired with our Maverick Rojo and Splinter Stot aero jerseys and slightly longer than our standard bib shorts, our aero bib shorts feature a vented, multi-thickness pad with a pressure relief panel to minimise discomfort when you're hammering it "on the rivet".

We have used a pre-dyed black Italian fabric and the elasticated bibs are formed with a wider than average band for comfort when stretched out on the drops or TT bars and a mesh back panel to help dissipate body heat when you're in the red and about to go cross eyed!

Finally, there are no seams on the inside of the legs to remove any possibility of chafing and we have used a longer, silicone impregnated leg gripper to get a perfect aero seal just above the knee. These shorts don't scream quality, they whisper it as they silently rocket past!

We know that judging the sizing of cycling clothing can be tricky. The key measurements of each size are given in the table below. We suggest you compare these measurements against clothing you already have to help you choose the right size for you.

IMPORTANT: Our clothing is ‘race fit’ and is designed to be worn skin tight for maximum aero benefit. If you are at the top end of a size range and/or want a more relaxed fit, we would advise that you go to the next size up.







A. Waist (cm)






B. Inseam (cm)