In early 2016, KOMRAID began life as a question between two friends, both keen cyclists, triathletes and general sport nuts. Actually, it was three questions, which went like this: why is so much bike kit designed in dull colours, obsessed with retro styling or plastered with random lettering? Why does everyone seem to wear the same kit? And why is much of it really, really expensive?

Both of us have enjoyed successful careers in digital advertising and pharmaceutical sales and marketing. But as the years rolled by, we started to question corporate life - how it can suppress innovation and sometimes fails to reflect human values. Without realizing it, our personal lives were being eroded, cutting down the time we could spend with our families and friends. It was also limiting the time we could spend on our bikes.

So we decided to be bold, follow our passion and create kit we loved!

Our guiding principles are:   

  • Be progressive – learn from experience, don't be afraid to break things and be better tomorrow than we were today.
  • Be uncompromising – stay true to our values, don't waver.
  • Be honest – have an open & authentic relationship with our customers, treat every one of them as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • Challenge – use the insight and approaches we have learned in our previous careers, question convention and don't just follow the herd.
  • Create a positive legacy – an unspoken code in cycling is that riders always look out for each other - our business tries to mirror this philosophy.
  • Have fun - we ride bikes because it's fun and we are fortunate to make cycling our business. If it ain't fun, make it fun!


Not being from the retail or cycling business worlds can have its advantages. Our design inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, from surfing to snow sports, adventure racing to IRONMAN. We believe in vibrant styling, carefully-chosen fabrics and a performance fit. All this has to be delivered at a fair price, direct to our customers. We test our kit ourselves over hundreds and hundreds of kilometres in all conditions, on a variety of bikes and terrain. We ride it, wash it and sometimes even crash it – then develop it based on what we learn! Before we launch any item, it has to feel great, look awesome and perform outstandingly. Anything less doesn't make the cut.

We believe that your choice of kit says a lot about you so if, like us, you like to ride your own line, we'd love to have you on board.

Thanks - Jonny and Hamish

KOMRAID. Performance Clothing for Cycling Mavericks.