There is a famous quote by English writer Charles Caleb Colton that states "imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery". Well, we're not so sure...

We are aware of several sellers on some well-known Chinese e-commerce and trade websites that are using our images to sell fake KOMRAID clothing. We are fiercely protective of our brand and are working to have these listings removed.

Currently, the only place you can buy genuine KOMRAID clothing is our website.

A lot of research and development has gone into our cycling kit. It is highly technical apparel. If you knowingly buy fake kit, you will receive substandard clothing both in terms of design and performance. You will also be supporting an industry in which people often have to work in poor working conditions for minimal pay. Additionally, you're choosing to support an industry that rips off the creativity of hard working brands, such as ours.

If you've considered the above points and still choose to buy fake KOMRAID clothing, we would ask that you DO NOT tag or hashtag us on social media. We really don't want to be associated with people riding in fake kit.