KOMRAID Custom Clothing

KOMRAID Custom Clothing

Looking for custom clothing for your club, team or event? No problem.

All of our high performance cycling clothing can be customised to meet your requirements and is made to the same specification and exacting standards as our own KOMRAID branded items.

Unleash your inner creativity - our KOMRAID design department will work closely with you to develop your ideas into a standout design. We use a state-of-the-art sublimation printing process, meaning the only limitation to your design is your imagination.

For further information, contact us using the form below. Please outline which items of clothing you are interested in and the approximate quantities.



Custom Clothing FAQs


What are the timelines for custom clothing?
The design part of the process will vary according to the complexity of your design. We will send you a digital proof and once you have signed off your artwork and we have received your deposit, custom orders take between 4 and 6 weeks to produce.

How do I submit my artwork?
We will send you .PDF templates for each item of clothing which you can use to layout your design. These can be opened and manipulated in most vector based graphics programs, allowing you to submit your artwork electronically. Our preferred file types are either a .PDF or an Adobe Illustrator .AI file.

For logos, we can also accept high resolution (300dpi) JPEG images. We will convert these into vectors that we can use in your design.

I’m not a computer wizard. How else can I submit my design?
The .PDF templates can be printed. Feel free to breakout the Sharpies, coloured pencils or crayons to sketch out the design you would like. Scan it and email it back to us and our art department will convert your design into an electronic version from which we can print. This is usually a free service, however, there may be a charge for more complex designs.

Can KOMRAID create a bespoke design from scratch for my club, team or event?
Yes. We would be very happy to work with you to create a design that is both original and unique to you. Depending on the complexity of the design and the size of your order, this work will be chargeable. Please contact us for an exact quote.

What support can I expect from KOMRAID?
We realise that ordering kit on behalf of your club or team is a big responsibility. As well as organising an initial briefing phone call with you, we are very happy to communicate with you throughout the process by phone and email.

What are the minimum order quantities?
Our custom clothing price list is based on a minimum order quantity of 10x per item per design. These can be a mixture of sizes. As long as the design is exactly the same, you can also combine men’s and women’s clothing to meet the minimum order quantity of 10. We will accept smaller orders, however, the cost per item will increase.

What else do I need to know about the design process?
For custom jerseys, we require two KOMRAID logos to be displayed. For shorts and wind vests, we require one KOMRAID logo to be displayed. When printed, the height of our logo is 38mm. Our designer will position these to ensure they don’t detract from your overall design. Their position will be subject to your approval.

How do I pay for my custom clothing?
Option 1: You will be required to pay a 50% deposit to initiate your order. After we have received your payment, we will begin working on your design. When your order is nearing completion you will be required to pay the remaining 50% before your order is shipped to you.

Option 2: We will set-up a specific product page on our website for your custom clothing items. You can give your club or team members the link and specify a period of time during which they can place their order. They order directly via our website. We will keep you informed of who has placed an order with us. Though this method requires your members to pay upfront, it allows them to pay by a debit or credit card. The benefit to you is that you don’t have to chase people for their sizes, their money, etc. Please note, that we will only initiate the bulk order when we have received a minimum of 10x orders per item.

Are there any other hidden costs?
We're based in the UK. If we are sending your goods to a country outside of the European Union, you may need to pay import duty on your custom order. Please check with your local government to confirm what import duty you could be liable for.

What if wish to reorder?
The minimum order quantities still apply, however, the turnaround time will be quicker because we will keep all of your artwork on file.

As well as the KOMRAID clothing on your website, what other clothing do you offer for customisation?
We offer the following:

  • Short sleeve jersey
  • Long sleeve jersey
  • Winter long sleeve jersey
  • Bib shorts
  • Wind vest
  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Knee warmers
  • Short sleeved and long sleeved TT aero skin suit
  • Sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved triathlon suits
  • Caps
  • Winter caps

What is your return policy on custom items?

Unfortunately we are not able to exchange items due to your members ordering incorrect sizes. We have found that the size guides on our website are very accurate and as a result we hardly ever have to exchange our stock items due to sizing issues.

In the unlikely event that one of your custom items is faulty, we will of course exchange this for a new item.

How should I care for my custom clothing?
All of our clothing can be washed at 30 degrees. However, for the sake of the environment, please wash them at the lowest temperature possible, then simply line dry them. Do not tumble dry or iron any of our clothing.

I’m interested, what now?
Send us a message using the form below. Please outline which items of clothing you are interested in and the approximate quantities you require.


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